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Lolz ROFL BRB and other bastardizations of language, thanks and thanks internet

In retrospect I know I probably should have posted something on the pillar of hope (that is this blog) but other time killers have been beckoning and veraciously feeding on my attention span whose spectrum extends not even the width of my ear. This is only further intensified when you’ve got to big a dome. But this purely an anatomical and disciplinary problem, and doesn’t fall into the never ending war of Stoicism and Epicureanism which can be further distilled down to dicks and a wizard’s choice of apparel……
So hear are a few tracks that have caught the small ears in recent months I think they’ll do you some good as they’ve done me.
Devendra Banhart – Venezuelian Singer Songerwriter, this song could possibly be described as a straight up mix of delicate titillating folk and sassy bosanova, which screams boss. O and he was born in that shit-heap of a city deemed H-Town.

Noch ein weiteres Lied – Continental Breakfast (Selva spill remix feat. Click-Clack)
I’d also like to add a film composition composed by Carter Burwell for the film In Bruges (if you have any hate for Colin Farrel OK, i mean there exists a mass of teenage hussy slags that would throw themselves on top of him, regardless an excellent film with great tunes.)
It’s possible that I may have posted this in an earlier segment, hopefully not, it’s a great songPlain Material
And another suggestion, go to this address and download Cordially Invited by local Austin artist Corduroi
He’s got some good tracks.
I believe that about wraps it up for the time being, hope y’all enjoy or already have.


Judgement Day, Yeah I’ll take a rain check

We live in a world of unilateral solutions, which often tend to be forced upon more than complex problems. Perhaps these alleged fixes stem from an archaic interpretation of modern events. Regardless there existence still remains, and continues to weave itself through various elements of our environment. One of the aesthetics that tends to take a full sucker punch is music. In the sense that people still try to dissect it with only one incision.
Now on to my point, post-rock as the term has been coined has become somewhat synonymous with this whole one track epic good vs. evil, percussive build-up, explosion, followed by ambient chiming guitars or whatever to sustain the song – type of music, but it’s really much more than that. First of all though, I must say that the nomenclature seems to be quite flawed in the description it conveys. Standard rock-n-roll is for the most part dead, it’s influenced other preceding movements and yes has been revived in a few cases. However it’s still plain to see that it’s glory days lay at rest in the social climate of the 60s and 70s. So to call something post-rock purely based upon the fact that standard 20th century instruments such as guitar, bass, and drums are included doesn’t really hold much justification.
So with that mostly gratuitous spiel out of the way, here’s a couple notable tracks from Godspeed and the sister project A Silver Mt. Zion.

I’ve always liked this track, it’s name seems to fully envelope the mood/ Just comforting and reassuring in nature. It’s a gem.
05 13 Angles Standing Guard ‘Round The Side Of Your Bed
Cool Vid, somewhat repetitive imagery, but wtf the song makes up for it. The violins are intense.

A great track off Godspeed’s ‘Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven’
02 – Antennas To Heaven

A Madlib Tribute

Madlib, Quasimoto, Yesterday’s New Quintet, The Beat Konducta, Lootpack, Madvillain. Regardless of the alias/group Madlib’s talent as a DJ, MC, or producer always shines through on the cuts. So here’s where I’m just going to skip the rhetoric and let the music speak for itself. Partially because I’m halfway through a bottle of Riesling, that I’d like to finish, and partially because my own self dialogue is annoying me.

17 Sunrays
Yesterday’s New Quintet Track

Meat Grinder

Track Off Madvillainy, Flow by MF DOOM.
16 HitYaWitDat
Lootpack: Madlib, Wildchild, DJ Romes.

Jaylib: J-DIlla/Madlib (Make sure you’ve got some good sub action going for this one)
18 More Rice
India BeatKonducta Album
11 Bluffin
1st Quasimoto Album: The Unseen

Nick Drake

'i saw it written, and i saw it say.'

It has been said time and time again that people never harness true recognition until they meet their deaths. That somehow bereavement serves to immortalize them as legend. Born from unlikely beginnings in Rangoon, Burma (well unless you consider the full impact of the British Empire on the modern world) British Folk musician Nick Drake seems to exemplify that truth behind posthumous fame. Perhaps it was the pace at which his career unfolded, producing three magnificent heart-wrenching albums of somber/ambient genius over the course of only three years. Regardless he’s now thankfully being seen for his contribution to not only the genre of Brit Folk, but for his all-embracing aesthetic gift to music.

Pink Moon
Milk And Honey
Northern Sky
From The Morning
Time of No Reply
Hazey Jane I


dope track, one of Atmosphere’s manifestations.

Neon Indian: Psychic Chasms

The space pop phase drenched outfit known as Neon Indian was the yielding result of the collaboration between a Brooklyn based composer and an Austin video-arts producer. Together with both dual complimentary audio and visual elements overlapping one another the group creates a seamlessly euphoric vibe. The music of Neon Indian makes many a nod and bow towards the synth rooted electro of the 1980s, with some songs reflecting the diverse musings of Bill Nelson; while also proving to have a sturdy foundation in the Indie Pop scene of the modern day, ex. Cut Copy. So with retro-relevance perfectly intact (for lack of a better oxymoron), here’s the vid for ‘Terminally Chill.’