Lolz ROFL BRB and other bastardizations of language, thanks and thanks internet

In retrospect I know I probably should have posted something on the pillar of hope (that is this blog) but other time killers have been beckoning and veraciously feeding on my attention span whose spectrum extends not even the width of my ear. This is only further intensified when you’ve got to big a dome. But this purely an anatomical and disciplinary problem, and doesn’t fall into the never ending war of Stoicism and Epicureanism which can be further distilled down to dicks and a wizard’s choice of apparel……
So hear are a few tracks that have caught the small ears in recent months I think they’ll do you some good as they’ve done me.
Devendra Banhart – Venezuelian Singer Songerwriter, this song could possibly be described as a straight up mix of delicate titillating folk and sassy bosanova, which screams boss. O and he was born in that shit-heap of a city deemed H-Town.

Noch ein weiteres Lied – Continental Breakfast (Selva spill remix feat. Click-Clack)
I’d also like to add a film composition composed by Carter Burwell for the film In Bruges (if you have any hate for Colin Farrel OK, i mean there exists a mass of teenage hussy slags that would throw themselves on top of him, regardless an excellent film with great tunes.)
It’s possible that I may have posted this in an earlier segment, hopefully not, it’s a great songPlain Material
And another suggestion, go to this address and download Cordially Invited by local Austin artist Corduroi
He’s got some good tracks.
I believe that about wraps it up for the time being, hope y’all enjoy or already have.

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