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I’m Still Here – hoax. Awesomely method, but hoax.

It’s true… Casey Affleck’s documentary of Joaquin Phoenix’s plunge into rapperdom/depression is just a movie.

It goes like this: Joaquin appears as an aloof hobo/artist on Letterman. Public is suspicious of a publicity stunt, but then again, Joaquin is believably that kind of guy who could conceivably throw his career out in just that way. In the weeks following, Casey Affleck and camera crew are seen with Phoenix. ┬áSuspicions are aroused. Hoax? Documentary? Lots of time passes. Phoenix doesn’t pick up any other work. Doubters are turned and nearly everyone agrees: Joaquin has gone off the deep end. Finally trailers for I’m Still Here surface. It finally looks like at least somebody has an explanation. Finally September 16, opening day for the film rolls around and Affleck himself admits to the New York Times that it was all an act.

Bravo, Joaquin. You’ve put yourself through some hell. I’ll see your movie. Affleck’s lucky to have such a co-conspirator.

This has nothing to do with the hoax, it’s just an amazing song –

Soviet National Anthem