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On the Origins of Songs – Madeleine

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Cake Days

3 distinguished people in my life celebrate their birth today – here’s a song for each of them.

to Scoober – Bob Dylan’s “Oh, Sister”

to BK 151 – Gogol Bordello’s “Mishto”

to Zimmerman – Wilco’s “Bob Dylan’s 49th Beard”

…god bless that platypus


Math – precisely demonstrating what we’ve always known to be true

Try this fun experiment: first, listen to a John Cougar Mellencamp song.  Then listen to another song.  If you’ve followed the experiment correctly you’ve probably come to this or some equivalent form of  this mathematical truism: John Cougar Mellencamp songs < All other songs.

This is one of those other songs – the first track off of ‘I’m Your Man’.

Leonard Cohen – First We Take Manhattan

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On the Origins of Songs – God Bless North America

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The National + Lesbian Vampire Killers

Beckett values this card at 3$ because of a rare Topps' mixup on a card that clearly shows Danny Middleton.
Are you an adult. Do you know?

I don’t really know, but by the numbers I’m no youth.  I have noticed the number of buttons on my clothing steadily on the rise. These days I’m happy to find a pimple on my lip or behind my ear every now and then to remind me of the volatile days.

Lots of things are easier, though. For example if I am alone with someone singing in a room I can look them in face without feeling embarrassed.  I can pretty much eat any food with the exception of some sealife. I don’t have to buy new shoes except when they wear out. I don’t cut my hair.

Some things are still coming: dribbling a basketball, ironing a collar, formidable facial hair, patience, etc. I don’t yet fancy standing naked in front of windows but maybe with time I’ll warm up to that idea. For now, let’s call it young-manhood.

And let’s call this band from Cincinnati, The National, just a bit beyond young-manhood. They probably dribble well, comb out their beards with patience and iron their collars before shows. After all, their fifth album ‘High Violet’ is about to come out. Don’t be alarmed or surprised if you don’t initially like them, The National’s lyrics are usually about young-manhood but made by and for adults.

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On the Origins of Songs – The Girl from Ipanema

garotas and creepers in harmony

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