It’s Still Smoothness

You’ve heard the Tootsie Pop myth – that if you find a star on your wrapper you’ve won a free Tootsie Pop, right? Well, there’s another word-of-mouth offer out there – that if you can get through your entire meal – appetizer, main course, dessert, drinks – at any one of our nation’s Chili’s without hearing Rob Thomas’ epic Santana collaboration ‘Smooth’ then your meal is free. Outside of needing to know the offer exists the only catch is that it is impossible to cash in on. Chili’s knows just how smooth you like it so bring your wallet; you will pay full price.

But you won’t pay full price for the following smooth cuts. In this Sunday’s offering I’d like to stay true to Brinker International’s most successful brand and keep it smooth. Smooth like that satisfying bowel movement you took while your wife was at the grocery store. Smooth like the lines Mark Morrison fed your wife in the check-out line. Smooth like the icing on the anniversary cake she never came home to. That kind of smooth.

what else is there to do on sunday?

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a generation worth fighting, an incredible funk track, a talented teen, and an amazing video.

“Fight This Generation” from pavement’s Wowee Zowee.  Obviously, a rally cry for anyone asking why we should care about what Lady Gaga is wearing or someone who’s desperately fending off the bombardment of Avatar slurpers.

Those grinding, tone-deaf strings, the line “your life is about to come away from the mirror in a rainshed,” and the chanting of the title repeats in my head often.  This song hits home for those who just don’t give a fuck.

In other tracks, I was searching my iTunes for Bobby Byrd’s “I Know You Got Soul”

and came across Mallu Magalhães’s “You Know You’ve Got” and it rocks.  The girl is 17 and… I’m shocked at how cool this girl is.  If Brazil is the land of rocking 17 year olds… then Rio is where we should be.

And lastly, for those of you who haven’t seen this yet, you need to.  Four months ago, a friend of mine threw this my way and I was dropped.  Yet still, I can’t get enough of this video.  The song is good, better than average, but the video is an experience.  Enjoy!

Ramona Falls \”I Say Fever\”

Webcam Backdrops: T-Ball Trophies

She wasn’t into me because “most improved” just means I started off looking notably terrible.  2nd place at a Bike Rodeo my 1st grade year.  Flag Football?  None of this means anything to anyone, so it’s displayed prominently, on a shelf behind me.

Sometimes coach rewards us with a trophy over lunch at the local burger joint, and sometimes the general public listens to John Hagee.  Everybody likes to be heard, to be cheered on, I s’pose.  Thus:

Maybe you had a pretty good thing going.  You got an elephant for your music video, and no one really cared –

R.I.P. Sound Team

From French Canadia, the not-so-olympian side of Canada, Malajube (I expect full translations, Jonny) –

Malajube – Montréal -40°C

Malajube – Pâte Filo

And lastly, the obligatory electro-posing-as-organic-1970’s-when-it’s-2-weeks-old… For Swinghammer and all the other trombones out there –

Breakbot – Baby I’m Yours (Siriusmo Remix) [feat. Irfane]

Edit: Switched out .m4a’s for .mp3’s which were obtained promptly and legally, very legally, I can’t even tell you how legal it was.  Legally.

Ethiopia, Land of Injera

Traditional Ethiopian music from Africa’s horn.

Artist: Alèmu Aga

Track: “Selé Senè Seqlèt”

Breadsticks – Second Helping

Body of Christ, Texas

The well is profound, the river is deep, the ocean is wide and the girl I love is on the other side, et cetera, enough. Welcome back.

If you wanted a club banger you wouldn’t have clicked on a post called Breadsticks. These are tracks for the coarse-haired lone wolves out there who find a certain peace in what scrapping it out sounds like. So if you didn’t take your Corpus Christi at the altar this Sunday morning take it here.

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A Madlib Tribute

Madlib, Quasimoto, Yesterday’s New Quintet, The Beat Konducta, Lootpack, Madvillain. Regardless of the alias/group Madlib’s talent as a DJ, MC, or producer always shines through on the cuts. So here’s where I’m just going to skip the rhetoric and let the music speak for itself. Partially because I’m halfway through a bottle of Riesling, that I’d like to finish, and partially because my own self dialogue is annoying me.

17 Sunrays
Yesterday’s New Quintet Track

Meat Grinder

Track Off Madvillainy, Flow by MF DOOM.
16 HitYaWitDat
Lootpack: Madlib, Wildchild, DJ Romes.

Jaylib: J-DIlla/Madlib (Make sure you’ve got some good sub action going for this one)
18 More Rice
India BeatKonducta Album
11 Bluffin
1st Quasimoto Album: The Unseen

Getting Run Over By A Brand New Range Rover

Rivers Cuomo: Great musician or greatest musician?  I don’t know yet.  Should he release another album on par with their first self titled album or Pinkerton then he will most likely cement his legacy.  In recent years Weezer has only put out a few worthy songs, but even those don’t compare to some of the b-sides and out-takes from their nineties heyday.

Next month, Geffen records will be releasing Pinkerton: Deluxe Edition, which will include a remastered Pinkerton plus unreleased songs and b-sides.  One of the unreleased songs, ‘Getting Up & Leaving,’ is a song I flew halfway across the country to hear, but the n00bs attending what should have been a l33t fest hindered that attempt dramatically.  Fortunately, though, we did get to hear (and sing along to) the Weezer masterpiece, “Waiting on You.”  I wholeheartedly believe this is one of the top five Weezer songs of all time and it’s a shame the general public is largely unaware of its existence.

Waiting On You