I’m Still Here – hoax. Awesomely method, but hoax.

It’s true… Casey Affleck’s documentary of Joaquin Phoenix’s plunge into rapperdom/depression is just a movie.

It goes like this: Joaquin appears as an aloof hobo/artist on Letterman. Public is suspicious of a publicity stunt, but then again, Joaquin is believably that kind of guy who could conceivably throw his career out in just that way. In the weeks following, Casey Affleck and camera crew are seen with Phoenix.  Suspicions are aroused. Hoax? Documentary? Lots of time passes. Phoenix doesn’t pick up any other work. Doubters are turned and nearly everyone agrees: Joaquin has gone off the deep end. Finally trailers for I’m Still Here surface. It finally looks like at least somebody has an explanation. Finally September 16, opening day for the film rolls around and Affleck himself admits to the New York Times that it was all an act.

Bravo, Joaquin. You’ve put yourself through some hell. I’ll see your movie. Affleck’s lucky to have such a co-conspirator.

This has nothing to do with the hoax, it’s just an amazing song –

Soviet National Anthem


Watching un-live, LIVE shows.

After three years of missing these guys perform, I finally saw Octopus Project play. Octo Proj is probably the closest to dance-pop that I listen to. There are dramatic, yet energetic tones that make you focus on the topic at hand, be it an important project or simply completing the dregs of a bottle opened just a few hours earlier (The Adjuster, Porno Disaster). Adrenaline cranking jams that make you want to run through a linebacker on your way to biking through traffic-congested streets, every pass of disgruntled motorist providing more satisfaction than the last (Music is Happiness), and tracks that deliver the same emotions that overcome a server after completing a double-shift and the realization that dawns on them when they are clocked out at 9:35pm (instead of midnight) and that there is $180 dollars in their pocket (instead of only $100)- Truck.

So, I was finally able to see these guys LIVE after slurping their tunes for years… and it wasn’t great. Some of the responsibility falls squarely on the venue’s shoulders (18+) and some of it falls on contemporary pop/indie-pop/dance-pop (whatevs) music. The biggest drawback however was the amount of loops used and how that put constraints on a live show.

I remember this happening when I saw RJD2. Basically, live shows aren’t the same when they aren’t played live (no duh).

The RJD2 and now the Octo Proj’s shows weren’t worth the effort. Both artists make good tracks that should be played at any dance party, but ultimately, that’s where their tracks should remain. To be enjoyed with friends and acquaintances while mixed in between some hip-hop and the like. If you go to their show expecting to catch lightning in a bottle, or some variation of your favorite song that you will always identify as “the best time I heard this song,” you will be disappointed.

Kaki King, Andrew Bird, and a few other acts also use loops, but in a different way. Though it’s just as repetitive, they record a progression live, loop it, build on top of it, and when the song reaches “maximum density,” they conclude or resolve whatever sonic canvas they’ve just built. It’s different in that they are playing their licks live and the build-up is always unique and usually better than what is produced on the album:

Andrew Bird- Why?

Kaki King- Gay Sons of Lesbian Mothers

Contrast that with what occurs when Octo Proj/RJD2 perform, and little, if anything, is enhanced from the album. Pair that with the fact that these bands do not have a wide range and after thirty-five minutes or so, you’ll find their music is pretty redundant. They don’t cross genres or really mix anything up. Imagine listening to an hour-straight of Ratatat, I couldn’t. But that’s the music they choose to make, and I’m thankful for it (I’m still very much a fan), I’ll just pass when given the opportunity to see them live.

Try to do a Indian Johnny Cash accent, it’s not easy

watch Sam Raimi's 'Drag Me to Hell'

Just like writing, posting to this thing takes alot of alone time – listening time, editorial time – and good time is hard to come by these days but this morning I had just that. So I dug through my iTunes ‘recently added’ folder and tried to work up a post. I was hit by a wave of tracks I had collected to entertain 15 year olds, most of which were just sugary rot. Sometimes 15 year olds need to be slapped, told to shut the fuck up, and forced to listen some of their father’s music. They have to be told what’s good for them. Sadly, unless he or she is your 15 year old that kind of justice will probably go unpaid. Sometimes the kids have a point. Just like their father they need someone to listen to them too. It’s a balance beam. Still, my father isn’t here to slap me but if he was maybe we could listen to these track’s together…

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Tom Waits – 7/23/1974

Here’s a Los Angeles folk radio show recorded just before Waits released his second album. Waits plays some guitar and piano and sings solo. I’ll post the MP3’s soon but for now here are the 20 tracks…

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The Importance of Good Music: My Answer To The Bargain Bin

This song is good and I don’t care that it’s by a band we were too old to accept.

Let Me Tell You Things That I Think

This last weekend I went and celebrated the 4th of July in Austin.  I went to the green belt and Trudy’s for the first time.  The fact that Trudy’s has a happy hour from 10 am until noon on a Sunday is hilarious.  It was a good time as both nights there ended with me and a Four Loko and no clear recollection the following morning of what happened.

Today was my last day of summer classes and I decided to celebrate by buying the Shiner Family Reunion 12 pack.  If my grammar is incorrect, I apologize.  I am currently on beer 10.  Oh lawd.

I have spent a life of buying cds, vinyl, books, toys, etc.  I have, in the last few months, begun the process of getting rid of all of them.  My friends think I’m crazy and that this is some temporary phase that I will soon regret.  But truth be told, it’s not.  Peak Oil.

Peak Oil.

I could elaborate on it but I hope that those two words will get you guys to look into the fact that there’s no hope, we’re all fucked, and there’s no way a collection of Animal Collective EPs is going to save you.

/end drunken “rant.”

On the Origin of Songs – Kyrie

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