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gettin’ there


For those that missed the “A” train . . .

“Helicopter” – Deerhunter

“Truck” – Octopus Project

“Car Song” – Woody Guthrie

“Just Walkin’ In The Rain” – The Prisonaires

“Two Trains Runnin'” – Bob Dylan


while you work

Sometimes the human language just doesn’t cut it, your lead guitarist is working on his second pack of Chesterfields and your engineer is too damn lazy to run a new signal chain of source > mic > preamp > processor > board > ada converter > etc — result? The whistle solo. Keep the tape rolling, the vocal mic live and make sure that wind screen is in front of your U47. If you’re lucky your whistler inhales and isn’t an overbearing twat like Whistler’s mother.

“Daniella” – Hurray For The Riff Raff

“Chewin’ The Apple Of Your Eye” – The Falming Lips

“Fitz & Dizzyspells” – Andrew Bird

“Red-Eyed And Blue” – Wilco

RIP Touchdown Jesus

Two days ago the infamous King of Kings statue on the east side of I-75 in Monroe, Ohio was struck by lightening and destroyed. Here’s a few Son of God inspired tracks for the occasion.

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Cake Days

3 distinguished people in my life celebrate their birth today – here’s a song for each of them.

to Scoober – Bob Dylan’s “Oh, Sister”

to BK 151 – Gogol Bordello’s “Mishto”

to Zimmerman – Wilco’s “Bob Dylan’s 49th Beard”

…god bless that platypus


prof•li•gate [adj] – recklessly extravagant or wasteful in the use of resources

An article bummed from Stalks & his favorite track:

“Jam Man” – Chet Atkins

A Liquoring

The great American past time, booze. I’ll leave it to one of you socialites to romanticize the bottle with your profound locution – these rummies did it in song. I guess I could have just posted Merle Haggard’s greatest hits too. Continue reading

Sleep by Sleep Less [sxsw]: A Worker’s Perspective

I clocked an official 82 hours of labor and an estimated 16 hours of sleep during Austin’s busiest musical festival – here are some of the artists I worked with…

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