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New Creed Album Next Tuesday, Leak Below

To be sure, producing ambiguously Christian music is easy for no one.

It’d been years since Jamie had tasted the glory of an audience of thousands cheering on his lyrical genius, and all his new chorus lines originally smacked of pessimism and despair.  Only after 15 months of shuttling children around nursing homes in Geneva did he find the drive to scrape together the next LP’s voice.

After Robb’s pitt bull passed, he decided to purchase home security, consequently selling all of his amps and pedals.  God’s Will, he reasoned, was that this album be acoustic.  Learning to fingerpick wasn’t as easy as Nick Drake’s mushroom trips.

Even though he knew that the bongos offered only so many options, Dirk was in this for the long haul.  Starting with only five minute intervals and building up, anyone can eventually sit indian style for an hour and half, with a brief leg stretch before the encore.

The six-string-acoustic-megaphone bass is the first of its kind, designed by MIT physicists, pro bono.  Each note strikes a different resonance in the cavity, and puts a smile on Kevin’s face.  He knows that this might be the first time a bassist with no amp and not in a mariachi troupe actually had a say in a band’s soundscape.

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Webcam Backdrops: T-Ball Trophies

She wasn’t into me because “most improved” just means I started off looking notably terrible.  2nd place at a Bike Rodeo my 1st grade year.  Flag Football?  None of this means anything to anyone, so it’s displayed prominently, on a shelf behind me.

Sometimes coach rewards us with a trophy over lunch at the local burger joint, and sometimes the general public listens to John Hagee.  Everybody likes to be heard, to be cheered on, I s’pose.  Thus:

Maybe you had a pretty good thing going.  You got an elephant for your music video, and no one really cared –

R.I.P. Sound Team

From French Canadia, the not-so-olympian side of Canada, Malajube (I expect full translations, Jonny) –

Malajube – Montréal -40°C

Malajube – Pâte Filo

And lastly, the obligatory electro-posing-as-organic-1970’s-when-it’s-2-weeks-old… For Swinghammer and all the other trombones out there –

Breakbot – Baby I’m Yours (Siriusmo Remix) [feat. Irfane]

Edit: Switched out .m4a’s for .mp3’s which were obtained promptly and legally, very legally, I can’t even tell you how legal it was.  Legally.