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Summer come soon

I happened to hear this one driving into town on a brisk February night. I’ve always appreciated home grown vegetables but I can’t say I’ve ever valued them as much as Mr. Denver. But the warm air brings more to this town than a fruit with an identity crisis. The roads clear up, the bars are quieter, and meeting new folks is a must if you want good company. For a village dweller such as myself it doesn’t get any better than this.


They Marveled At How Well It Marbled

It would seem as if the goose has laid yet another golden egg. By goose I do mean Athens, Georgia. And by golden egg I am referring to “Gray Waves” the latest release by Twin Tigers. Okay, maybe “Gray Waves” isn’t quite a golden egg per se but it still is quite enjoyable. The Tigers recently performed at Caledonia lounge. Staying true to the style they established with their initial EP “Automatic” their performance evoked images of echoing neon purple light emitting from their beings and instruments. Sort of like when you take a picture in low light with the flash off and jiggle the camera ever so slightly. The set was full of delicious reverb that tried but failed to completely drown out the largely unintelligible lyrics whose style shifted between shoe gaze and out right screaming. You can hear live recordings from Gray Waves here or get that plastic disk here.