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Get in the suburban, we’re going Outback tonight

If Athens’ Of Montreal hadn’t sold their song ‘Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games’ to OSI Restaurant Partners then we might have never thought to associate their music with the sound of getting fatter. But as it stands they did and we do.

In hommage to America’s new favorite past time and courtesy of Fish Truck Productions, Ciudadito Studios presents these two tracks from Rodney Queen’s American Dream. (right click the hyperlink to download)

Outback Theme

Outback Theme (alternate take)


La Mazure EP

Meet Ruby, a Canadian songwriter and avid nudist. These are four of her lo-fi tracks recorded in Normandie from July to August 2010 with only modest production. All songs written by Ruby except ‘Sterilized Tiger Fucking a Peasant Woman in the Mountain Position’, a Fleet Foxes cover. It should be said that Ruby wrote the hauntingly good ‘Hands’ for Your Marriages’ ‘It’s All Coming’ but alas that peg was destined for another hole. Now without making anymore allusions the great act je vous presente La Mazure EP…

Ruby – Jack and Jill

Ruby – Love’s a Bridge It’s Not a Tower

Ruby – Hands

Ruby – Sterilized Tiger Fucking a Peasant Woman in the Mountain Position



I’m Still Here – hoax. Awesomely method, but hoax.

It’s true… Casey Affleck’s documentary of Joaquin Phoenix’s plunge into rapperdom/depression is just a movie.

It goes like this: Joaquin appears as an aloof hobo/artist on Letterman. Public is suspicious of a publicity stunt, but then again, Joaquin is believably that kind of guy who could conceivably throw his career out in just that way. In the weeks following, Casey Affleck and camera crew are seen with Phoenix.  Suspicions are aroused. Hoax? Documentary? Lots of time passes. Phoenix doesn’t pick up any other work. Doubters are turned and nearly everyone agrees: Joaquin has gone off the deep end. Finally trailers for I’m Still Here surface. It finally looks like at least somebody has an explanation. Finally September 16, opening day for the film rolls around and Affleck himself admits to the New York Times that it was all an act.

Bravo, Joaquin. You’ve put yourself through some hell. I’ll see your movie. Affleck’s lucky to have such a co-conspirator.

This has nothing to do with the hoax, it’s just an amazing song –

Soviet National Anthem

Try to do a Indian Johnny Cash accent, it’s not easy

watch Sam Raimi's 'Drag Me to Hell'

Just like writing, posting to this thing takes alot of alone time – listening time, editorial time – and good time is hard to come by these days but this morning I had just that. So I dug through my iTunes ‘recently added’ folder and tried to work up a post. I was hit by a wave of tracks I had collected to entertain 15 year olds, most of which were just sugary rot. Sometimes 15 year olds need to be slapped, told to shut the fuck up, and forced to listen some of their father’s music. They have to be told what’s good for them. Sadly, unless he or she is your 15 year old that kind of justice will probably go unpaid. Sometimes the kids have a point. Just like their father they need someone to listen to them too. It’s a balance beam. Still, my father isn’t here to slap me but if he was maybe we could listen to these track’s together…

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Tom Waits – 7/23/1974

Here’s a Los Angeles folk radio show recorded just before Waits released his second album. Waits plays some guitar and piano and sings solo. I’ll post the MP3’s soon but for now here are the 20 tracks…

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On the Origin of Songs – Kyrie

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80’s songs to eat Whataburger to…

This isn’t Minute Maid Park or Landshark Stadium. It’s not Jim Whacker Field or the Astrodome. No, it’s a place of luxury. A place where taste and class are spun together with the purity of sports and the whim of imagination. It’s a place, for some,  holier than the Vatican and more magical than Idaho… it’s Whataburger Field, home to the Corpus Christi Hooks.

Foul as it may be, Corpus Christi – the sparkling city by the sea did give Texas one of it’s finest burger joints. It seems only right that, in choosing a minor league club to sponsor, Whataburger  would look no further than it’s own back yard.With all respect to confidentiality I know at least one person who would give a testicle/ovary for a lifetime’s box seat and free Whataburger voucher. Dreams can come true but it’s no kind of life to be hanging around waiting on them. So if you’ve got the gas, or the bus fare or a strong hitchin’ thumb get on down to Whataburger Field and live that dream… but don’t forget your playlist…

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