Let Me Tell You Things That I Think

This last weekend I went and celebrated the 4th of July in Austin.  I went to the green belt and Trudy’s for the first time.  The fact that Trudy’s has a happy hour from 10 am until noon on a Sunday is hilarious.  It was a good time as both nights there ended with me and a Four Loko and no clear recollection the following morning of what happened.

Today was my last day of summer classes and I decided to celebrate by buying the Shiner Family Reunion 12 pack.  If my grammar is incorrect, I apologize.  I am currently on beer 10.  Oh lawd.

I have spent a life of buying cds, vinyl, books, toys, etc.  I have, in the last few months, begun the process of getting rid of all of them.  My friends think I’m crazy and that this is some temporary phase that I will soon regret.  But truth be told, it’s not.  Peak Oil.

Peak Oil.

I could elaborate on it but I hope that those two words will get you guys to look into the fact that there’s no hope, we’re all fucked, and there’s no way a collection of Animal Collective EPs is going to save you.

/end drunken “rant.”

  1. Now I’m even drunker….. and we’re all still even more fuked!

    • Jonny
    • July 7th, 2010

    Peak oil isn’t half as stressful as Peak Loco or Peak Shiner; should I live to see them I will rue those days.

  2. “The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function.”

    Look that quote up and watch the lecture it’s based on. Irrefutable logic.

    • just watched that prof’s first couple of lectures, classy man with perfect oration and a strong bolo.

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