80’s songs to eat Whataburger to…

This isn’t Minute Maid Park or Landshark Stadium. It’s not Jim Whacker Field or the Astrodome. No, it’s a place of luxury. A place where taste and class are spun together with the purity of sports and the whim of imagination. It’s a place, for some,  holier than the Vatican and more magical than Idaho… it’s Whataburger Field, home to the Corpus Christi Hooks.

Foul as it may be, Corpus Christi – the sparkling city by the sea did give Texas one of it’s finest burger joints. It seems only right that, in choosing a minor league club to sponsor, Whataburger  would look no further than it’s own back yard.With all respect to confidentiality I know at least one person who would give a testicle/ovary for a lifetime’s box seat and free Whataburger voucher. Dreams can come true but it’s no kind of life to be hanging around waiting on them. So if you’ve got the gas, or the bus fare or a strong hitchin’ thumb get on down to Whataburger Field and live that dream… but don’t forget your playlist…

This Kate Bush song finally really made sense when I shut my mouth and sat looking out the train window and just listened. Her notoriety has dwindled since 1979 when she was one of the most photographed women in UK (whatever that does for anyone) but this fierce ’80’s track of her’s (’85, I think) proves that even electronics can reflect the heart. Pair this track with a chicken strips, toast and gravy meal.

Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)

The Minutemen’s Double Nickels on the Dime is 43 songs lasting about 1:30 each. These guys were taking care of the listeners attention span in a time when not everyone did so (1984). The album is a goldmine of neat riffs, beats and lyrics. Jackass used Corona (from Double Nickels) as their theme song. Try this: put on the album and eat a taquito for each song. If you finish the whole album go to tell the manager that you would like  to have your picture taken. More realistically, start with one taquito for each of these two songs…

The Minutemen – #1 Hit Song

The Minutemen – Love Dance

Cemetry Gates from The Queen is Dead, apart from the English accent, reminds me of sitting in the audience at a high school talent show with all my buddies around and everyone just listening to the band who’s really just a group of more our buddies too, but who, while they are playing, are bigger than themselves. Morrissey mentions Keats and Yates, whom I’ve never even read but who somehow, together with the music, set a scene one can escape into, if only for a few minutes. The true escapist would agree; it’s done best with a Pattymelt.

The Smiths – Cemetry Gates

    • spoony b
    • July 1st, 2010

    I’m always on the lookout for reasons to dislike the 80s – these Minutemen tracks don’t work in my favor. I may not like songs under 2 minutes but I’d consider buying “DNotD” next time I’m in a record shop. Thanks for keeping it local JW.

  1. Chris Lea would poop in his pants if he saw this post.

  2. these two comments are a good reminder that in the end, when reality deflates what you thought you were doing you really are just talking to two people who matter. Always keep it local by pooping in your own pants or those of your neighbors.

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