Monda Pokalo…

…that’s world cup in Esperanto but who could give two squares of two-ply about Esperanto when theres a Cup to be won? I’ll tell you who won’t be singing Kraŝ Kontraŭ Mi is native born South African Dave Matthews. He has once again side-stepped FIFA’s watch dogs to some how legally play midfield for the US team, setting aside his popular stage name for his given birth name, Landon Donovan. Yes, it’s all just so exciting – the world’s South African ascension, the collision of culture and language and, like in the movies, it’s all set to a soundtrack…

Shakira’s official world cup song, as is typical of her fare, comes in two lingual varieties. I’m just glad to hear her singing a new tune again, whatever language it’s in.

Shakira – Waka Waka (Esto Es Africa)

Well Canada may not have qualified for the World Cup but they were able to use the venue to elevate one of their newer MC’s with a little help from Coca Cola.

K’naan – Wavin’ Flag

If Pepsi the drink actually tasted good then maybe Pepsi the company could let the drink speak for itself. They could stop wasting their money on g-string advertising and start wasting it on an answer to Coke’s World Cup campaign. If it were up to me the response campaign would focus on a well-to-do Jewish girl being menaced by  a mysterious  latin man named Alejandro. The menacing would come  to a dramatic conclusion when our heroine collapses from exhaustion and, in her incapacitation, allows Alejandro to reveal his true intentions. Kneeling at her side he pulls out a bottle of Pepsi and she sees that he’d never meant her any harm. They share a kiss with the product in plain sight and this song playing…

Lady Gaga – Alejandro (Rusko’s Papuseria Remix)

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