Math – precisely demonstrating what we’ve always known to be true

Try this fun experiment: first, listen to a John Cougar Mellencamp song.  Then listen to another song.  If you’ve followed the experiment correctly you’ve probably come to this or some equivalent form of  this mathematical truism: John Cougar Mellencamp songs < All other songs.

This is one of those other songs – the first track off of ‘I’m Your Man’.

Leonard Cohen – First We Take Manhattan

Some child somewhere begins to understand divorce with the  help of Sum 41, Avril PM model

The only thing the couple could agree on at the end of their nuptials was that they both really enjoyed Jimmy Eat World’s ‘The Middle’, though Whibley claims he knew about ‘that hot track’ before almost anyone. “A celebrity example is exactly what I needed to begin to understand the dissolution of an eternal union,” some kid said between fries. He added, “I suppose I’ll marry the first girl I meet who digs this Roots’ retooling of M.O.F.’s angelic opener. Not necessarily because I like good hip-hop, but rather I just want to get my first marriage out of the way.”

The Roots – Dear God 2.0

Arcade Fire releases sneak peek of their newest non-intentional Springsteen tribute album, the Boss demands a liner notation

No one is surprised when the wind blows nor is anyone surprised when the Boss brings the hammer down – even when it is on a wiley group of Canadian pacifists. Though it’s not objective to say I’m On Fire is Springsteen’s greatest song it is commonplace to trust senior citizens just because they are senior. Seriously though, just trust them, and make sure you catch the vocal improv at the end of this track.

Bruce Springsteen – I’m On Fire

Russell Crowe

The name itself is enough of a headline but Russell is different than the other guys because Russell gives at least half of a shit and at least half of that half-shit was given to the songwriting for this track by The Ordinary Fear of God, formally Thirty Odd Feet of Grunt. The remaining quarter-shit was smeared on the lens to soften closeups.

    • spoony b
    • June 2nd, 2010

    wait a minute… The Roots or MoF?

    • it’s actually the first single from the root’s new disk

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