the money, the man

It usually starts likes this: big dreams, hopes and schemes, but no means. It’s at this moment that everyone has to decide what kind of a race they want to run. Geddy Lee, Owen Wilson, me, you, your mom – we’re all faced with the cornelian dilema: lose our soul surviving or die holding on.

That moment sounds like this:

Aloe Blacc – I Need a Dollar

There’s sympathy aplenty for either choice; you can’t blame a man for walking down a road. So whether you’re working a bulldozer, wiping down the bar, staring at a screen, or starving if it isn’t not of your design than your making a trade. Your saying ‘I’ll be here now so that I can be there later.’ You’ve picked a road and now your walking it. Sometimes walking sounds like this:

Arab Strap – I Work In A Saloon

Your not the only one on the road, there are other guys too – some running, some wandering – there’s a direction for everyone out there and some left over. Scheming’s a popular direction. It sounds like this:

Wilco – The Jolly Banker

Geddy Lee, Owen Wilson me, you and your mom – we’re all holding on. Anyone of us might find ourself 35 years down the road wearing a bowl-cut on a rocky mountain beach. Well, it’s not Graceland but it’s  one way to hold on. Holding on sounds like this:

    • spoony b
    • April 27th, 2010

    “I Need A Dollar” sounds like a monday night on 6th street. I have no idea what Strap is saying. Wilco does a good Guthrie cover. There was no way in hell I was pushing play on Wilson Phillips.

    • spoony b
    • April 27th, 2010

    also, I didn’t know gray day was officially on January 11th

    • tomorrow, (May 1) is actually officially gray day, but there’s been some dispute as to the unofficial date with some parties claiming January 11, and others, citing September16. who’s right, well neither. it’s simply October 1. actually, brown day is yet to be determined. the forerunner is claiming that it ought to be on the day ‘dookie’ was released. historians, however, are still looking for that day.

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