I Miss Pepsi Blue: A Chronicle In Improvements

Ah, the ease of being 18.  I’m 25 right now and the growing responsibilities of life have begun to make me lose hair, and what hair I haven’t lost must be turning grey.  I still harbor the same dreams I developed after reading On The Road and Evasion, which provide me comfort when I think about things like China’s growing power, the economy, peak oil, and the fact that I have little interest in ever embarking on a “career.”  But enough of this nonsense, it’s time to get down to what really matters.

I was talking with a girl who went to SXSW this weekend and she was fortunate enough to see one of my favorite bands of the last year, Cymbals Eat Guitars.  When I asked her how packed it was she said that, compared to other shows, there was hardly anybody there.  I couldn’t believe it- how could a band who wrote what was probably the most memorable album of 2009 (Clay Nightingale’s S/T aside) have had such poor attendance?  She told me Surfer Blood was the hot act, a band classified in the same genre/style as Cymbals.  How could that be?  Shouldn’t the hipsters flock to Cymbals considering their album got 0.1 points higher than Surfer Blood on Pitchfork?

I’m sure you guys have heard Cymbals by now, but if you haven’t (and you’ll thank me for this) here’s my second favorite song off the album.  The album opener, my favorite, is a little long and I didn’t want anyone to be reluctant to listen due to time constraints.

  1. rest easy friend, i know for a fact that they played in front of at least one packed crowd, and seeing as how each band plays like 5 shows, your friend could easily have been at one of the lesser shows.

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