New Creed Album Next Tuesday, Leak Below

To be sure, producing ambiguously Christian music is easy for no one.

It’d been years since Jamie had tasted the glory of an audience of thousands cheering on his lyrical genius, and all his new chorus lines originally smacked of pessimism and despair.  Only after 15 months of shuttling children around nursing homes in Geneva did he find the drive to scrape together the next LP’s voice.

After Robb’s pitt bull passed, he decided to purchase home security, consequently selling all of his amps and pedals.  God’s Will, he reasoned, was that this album be acoustic.  Learning to fingerpick wasn’t as easy as Nick Drake’s mushroom trips.

Even though he knew that the bongos offered only so many options, Dirk was in this for the long haul.  Starting with only five minute intervals and building up, anyone can eventually sit indian style for an hour and half, with a brief leg stretch before the encore.

The six-string-acoustic-megaphone bass is the first of its kind, designed by MIT physicists, pro bono.  Each note strikes a different resonance in the cavity, and puts a smile on Kevin’s face.  He knows that this might be the first time a bassist with no amp and not in a mariachi troupe actually had a say in a band’s soundscape.

I can’t believe you actually clicked “Read More”.

This first track was written by a friend of mine at the center of the small, non-idiotic underground of College Station.  He wastes too much time in a jam band now (StrawberryJAM), or so methinks with my love for concrete songwriting.  That said, they’re more listened to than I’ll ever be.

Mi Reina

SXSW wasn’t too successful for me this year, as I lack the $800 to blow on a badge, and also lack the 5 days of free time.  One good find did ensue, and I have gleaned their most impressive live performance readily available on youtube for your eyes and ears.

Since I try to avoid coffee/caffeine dependence, I’ve taken up listening to excessively poppy electro, in the hopes that it may slightly motivate me.  Infinitesimally.  Formerly “Poney Poney”, this duo’s simple riffs were complimented with electronic drums and produced by Justice’s Xavier de Rosnay… the crisp sounds are lovely to my exhausted ears.

I Think I Like U 2

Anyway.  What would YOU name Creed’s next LP?

  1. “To be sure, producing ambiguously Christian music is easy for no one.” LOL, so true.

    I like that strumming in ‘Mi Reina’, and those huge cymbals the local natives guy plays on; my god that’s alot of brass.

    Anyways, Florida is notorious for terrible music. Creed, of course, Matchbox 20, Limp Bizkit (although if there’s no one around I might listen to the first half of ‘Three Dollar Bill’ just for the bass and drums) but the list of bad Florida bands goes on and on. The Miami Sound Machine?

    This is half-cocked but I’d put Florida in the top three of states contributing to ‘nu metal’. .38 Special is still the greatest thing to come out of those swamps.

  2. oh, new Creed album name…

    “Hair Pie”

      • ‘ster
      • March 28th, 2010

      Yeah, something simple for sure, don’t wanna alienate the target audience.

      “Cake It On”

    • spoony b
    • April 6th, 2010

    where can i get a red boom stand like i that video?

    “creed? indeed!’
    “he peed, i creed”

    • carson alexander
    • July 23rd, 2010

    just a hard core fan looking to by the most recent creed album i already own full circle

  3. in my country there is not a target center bro just let me know the official album when it drops so i can order it 1st or i will request it from a list of local sources hope i acquire it fast as possible

      • Jennings
      • July 25th, 2010

      Yeah I forgot to post the actual link to the album!! Ugh, I’m sorry bro. I think has the entire download for free, streaming.

    • Pouria
    • January 2nd, 2012

    “anyone can eventually sit indian style for an hour and half, with a brief leg stretch before the encore.” haha, thank you.

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