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Some people blow themselves out. Others get blown out. These 3 guys all blew out this week:

Alex Chilton – blew out mowing the lawn. I don’t feel like posting Tweedy’s breadstick cover of ‘Thirteen’ and I’d rather you hear Big Star on your your own terms. I would have listened to more Big Star if they were called Alex Chilton and the Manuals.

Mark Linkous – this Sparklehorse shot himself in the heart. He and Dangermouse did an album together but that’s like saying ‘oh, he eats food too.’

Jean Ferrat – aged out. He was the French John Denver but without as good of a haircut.

The Replacements – Alex Chilton

Sparklehorse – Painbirds

Jean Ferrat – C’est beau la vie

    • spoony b
    • March 24th, 2010

    Big Star is an awful name. I think Korg released a synth named Dangermouse so every musician can use it in the studio and give credit on their album. I’d lay my head down on Ferrat’s reverb any night.

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