Short Cuts

succint songs for the short attention span …

Artist: Deerhoof — Album: Reveille — Track: “The Eyebright Bugler”

Artist: The Advantage — Album: The Advantage (DTAS)Track: “Bubble Bobble – Shark Skeleton”

Artist: The Beatles — Album: Abbey RoadTrack: “Her Majesty”

2¢ – this may be one of my favorite endings to an album

Artist: Violent Femmes — Album: Viva Wisconsin [Live]Track: “Old Mother Reagan”

Artist: Sublime — Album: Second Hand SmokeTrack: “Drunk Drivin'”

Artist: The Roots — Album: Rising DownTrack: “@15”

Artist: Bob Dylan — Album: BiographTrack: “Jet Pilot”

in & out in 4 minutes – just like your old man

  1. that was enjoyable as hell. if this is the program, i’ll get with it.

    • Ben
    • March 12th, 2010

    LOL, Jonny!

  2. her majesty may not only be the best ending to an album but also the greatest thing paul mc cartney has ever done. in my book his is an idiot. he should fill his belly full of wine and profess his love to the queen the blow himself out and step down to john lennon.

    • Ben
    • March 13th, 2010

    Paul McCartney > John Lennon.

    Although me 10 years ago would have punched the me of today for saying such a thing.

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