Revolver Isn’t A Great Album.

Needed something to get your attention.  But seriously, as someone who loves The Beatles, I can say with all sincerity that Revolver is highly overrated.  Everything that came after it was much better.  But Revolver and its predecessor, Rubber Soul, are extremely important albums.  And I’m not speaking about their impact on popular music/culture during that time, but rather I’m talking about the competitive drive they ignited in Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys.

Most buffoons out there think of the Beach Boys as a novelty act from the sixties that wrote a couple hits about surfing.  What these cum-guzzlers fail to realize is that during the mid-sixties, the Beach Boys and the Beatles were pretty much the two biggest bands on the planet and they were inspiring each other to write better music.  Unfortunately Sgt. Pepper’s, Mike Love, and copious amounts of drugs derailed Brian Wilson leaving the Beatles as the torchbearers of pop music for the remainder of the decade.

Now I know this “Cuts in the Conclave” community is a collection of music aficionados who are probably already well versed in the tumultuous and eclectic history of the Beach Boys so I won’t indulge myself in making the transition from point a to b right here.  Goddammit, alright, I’ll say a little.  After Pet Sounds, Brian pretty much fell into the background and wasn’t half the producer/writer he had been (I’m speaking about official Beach Boy releases).  For the next decade the band put out really good albums that never got the attention they deserved and many of these albums would recycle lost classics that should have been released on SMiLE. This brings up the purpose of my post.

Surf’s Up, IMO the last truly great Beach Boys album, was released in 1971.  With the exception of “Student Demonstration Time” (fuck you, Mike Love), every song on this album is a winner.  Most critics will cite the title-track and lost SMiLE gemstone, “Surf’s Up,” and “Till I Die” as the album’s two best songs.  The former- most definitely, the latter- not really, especially considering it tends to overshadow the preceding, much better “A Day In The Life of a Tree.”  I have never understood why nobody talks about this song.  Seriously, it blows my fucking mind.  All I ever hear/read is “OMGz ‘Till I Die’ is brilliant” and fuck me, it is, but “A Day In The Life of a Tree” is hauntingly beautiful and I’ve never called anything “hauntingly beautiful.”

I’m gonna stop here and just post the song.  I’d say it’s up there with “Don’t Worry Baby” and “I’m Waiting For The Day” as one of the best songs Brian Wilson ever wrote.

A Day In the Life of a Tree

  1. hogan we cant listen to it because it’s locked. you must have bought it with itunes or something.

    • goddammit i did buy it on itunes. FUCK.

      i guess look for it on youtube.

    • ‘ster
    • March 2nd, 2010

    Hogan, I think you were the one who showed me the video “Hi. I’m… BDW. That’s… Brian Douglas Wilson…” and then explained how tripping through kilograms worth of heavy psychedelics might be bad for the frontal cortex & co.

    • LOL, BDW’s frontal cortex & co. are fried. A Day In The Life of a Tree is the evidence. With the exception of late in the song when the rest of the band comes in it really is a pathetic bemoaning of just such a loss.

      That’s just the opinion of the asshole who pop’s in on other assholes who have been involved in their own assholery long before the first asshole got there.

    • Ben
    • March 4th, 2010

    BDW, “Brian Douglas Wilson, that’s me!”

    LULz, I’m going to have to watch that tonight. I completely forgot about it.

  2. “Revolver is highly overrated. Everything that came after it was much better.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I love how this was all written like its a fact… Part of me wants to believe that it was all written this way for some sort of interesting humor, but then I remember who this is coming from.

    • Ben
    • March 18th, 2010

    GRANT- I’m sorry we don’t all find ‘Dr. Robert’ as musically gratifying as you do.

    And god-dammit, Revolver is not even close to their best record!

  3. great example of lennon blowing out. still my favorite beatle.

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