It’s Still Smoothness

You’ve heard the Tootsie Pop myth – that if you find a star on your wrapper you’ve won a free Tootsie Pop, right? Well, there’s another word-of-mouth offer out there – that if you can get through your entire meal – appetizer, main course, dessert, drinks – at any one of our nation’s Chili’s without hearing Rob Thomas’ epic Santana collaboration ‘Smooth’ then your meal is free. Outside of needing to know the offer exists the only catch is that it is impossible to cash in on. Chili’s knows just how smooth you like it so bring your wallet; you will pay full price.

But you won’t pay full price for the following smooth cuts. In this Sunday’s offering I’d like to stay true to Brinker International’s most successful brand and keep it smooth. Smooth like that satisfying bowel movement you took while your wife was at the grocery store. Smooth like the lines Mark Morrison fed your wife in the check-out line. Smooth like the icing on the anniversary cake she never came home to. That kind of smooth.

what else is there to do on sunday?

The first cut is from from Opposite Day’s Unlike a Virgin Madonna cover album.Opposite Day are an Austin art-prog trio. In my opinion some of the greatest bands have been trios likely because if you are in trio, boy, you gotta carry that weight. If you’re a duo you’re not a band; you’re an act. Madonna’s 1985 Virgin Tour was the Preakness of her career. Most of us were either just pups or not even born yet. It’s crazy to think these things have been in motion for so long. Anyways, you can get this entire album for free on Opposite Day’s website.

Opposite Day – Crazy for You right click to download
Herman Dune’s voice may be scratchy and French sounding but beneath his resemblances to Raffi he really does have some smooth things to say about how it feels to wrung out by love.

Herman Dune – Baby Baby You’re My Baby right click to download

The first time I heard the Fall Be Kind EP it was on vinyl. We’d just finished playing basketball on the court across the street on MLK. Since then I’ve never been able to recreate the awe of that screening. Maybe it’s best to listen to a smooth track when you’re worn out and your guard is down.

Animal Collective – What Would I Want? Sky right click to download

Before selling proprietary control of their song ‘Smooth’ to Chili’s, Rob Thomas and Santana were just a couple of regular guys. Santana had a some success in the 70’s but most of that success was asterisked by his over borrowing from Randy Garibay’s  Barbacoa and Big Red. Anyways, the year was 1988…

Lawn Wipe – Smooth right click to download

Rubén González is my favorite piano player and possibly the greatest Cuban musician of all time. When Ry Cooder started collating Cuban musicians in the mid 90’s for what would become Buena Vista Social Club Rubén was 11 years out of practice. He was 80 years old when his first album Introducing… Rubén González was released. BVSC was recorded during the same sessions. I can see Rubén sitting at a piano playing this song played at the gates of heaven. Peter is on guirro and Thomas is pouring a draught PBR and saying, ‘Come on in.’

Buena Vista Social Club – Murmullo right click to download

    • Ben
    • February 28th, 2010

    “But you won’t pay full price for the following smooth cuts.”

    This had me lolzing. Good setup.

    • spoony b
    • March 4th, 2010

    in fact, you won’t pay at all . . .

    this free music has me caught between the scylla and charybdis

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