Breadsticks – Second Helping

Body of Christ, Texas

The well is profound, the river is deep, the ocean is wide and the girl I love is on the other side, et cetera, enough. Welcome back.

If you wanted a club banger you wouldn’t have clicked on a post called Breadsticks. These are tracks for the coarse-haired lone wolves out there who find a certain peace in what scrapping it out sounds like. So if you didn’t take your Corpus Christi at the altar this Sunday morning take it here.

This first track comes from the Field Studies EP, released just before This Will Destroy You was broadcast of over Chinese airwaves to an Olympic Beijing back in 2008. China is still trying to prove they don’t really censor western material. Meanwhile, TWDY finished their third album, Tunnel Blanket, this month (release date TBA). True to form, it looks to be a stick-fest.

download This Will Destroy You – Brutalism & The Worship of the Machine

Mike Coykendall is a sound engineer who looks like Jay Bennet and has been writing breadsticks for years. He’s also good at titling albums. This track comes from The Unbearable Being of Likeness.

download Mike Coykendall – First Shot Best Shot

I owe my interest in Chopin’s nocturnes to my brother, Chef T. Biggs. I have always liked Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite but aside from that the only classical music I really knew was the song from the Beef, It’s What’s for Dinner campaign.

Then the Chef showed me Chopin. Chopin wrote, among other piano-centric pieces, 21 nocturnes. Calling your song a nocturne is just a cool way to say it’s evocative of the night. He wrote this when he was only 20 and it may have the most beautiful climb I’ve ever heard.

download Chopin – Op. 9 No. 2

And lastly, an obligatory cut from the Stink Sessions back in early 2009.

download Lawn Wipe – Ellicott City

A D.H. Lawrence poem would be perfectly out of place in this post and thusly I will attach one:

The Elephant is Slow to Mate

So patient, so wise

The elephant, the huge old beast,
is slow to mate;
he finds a female, they show no haste

they wait

for the sympathy in their vast shy hearts
slowly, slowly to rouse
as they loiter along the river-beds
and drink and browse

and dash in panic through the brake
of forest with the herd,
and sleep in massive silence, and wake
together, without a word.

So slowly the great hot elephant hearts
grow full of desire,
and the great beasts mate in secret at last,
hiding their fire.

Lawrence never said anything about this...

Oldest they are and the wisest of beasts
so they know at last
how to wait for the loneliest of feasts
for the full repast.

    • Ben
    • February 23rd, 2010

  1. manson makes prison look fun. every time i see something with him in jail he’s having a great time.

    • spoony b
    • February 24th, 2010

    Jon, I think your definition of a stick is growing broader than a field of strawberries. A slow tempo and/or minor key are not always indicative of high fiber content. I would argue that neither “Brutalism” nor “Op. 9-2” falls into the bread genre. The Nocturnes are so damn beautiful I can’t imagine any performer wouldn’t be completely exhausted after playing one. Jesus, those are good. Then again, no one’s made it yet.

  2. you bring up an excellent point, jones. perhaps Bimbo hasn’t gotten there hands on Chopin’s work but come on, TWDY’s catalouge could remixed down into tracks that Kanye could rap on and you’d still just just have crouton dust all over the place.

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