The Happier The Fatter Tuesday

1682 – La Salle claims Mississippi River basin for France
1803 – Jefferson cuts Napoleon a check in an effort to rid The New World of ragout
1907 – the Dixie Brewing Company is founded

Artist: Donna Angelle & The Zydeco Possé
Track: “Blackberry”

Artist: Geno Delafose
Track: “Gotta Find My Woman”

has anyone seen my wife?

  1. a tall Dixie, some zydeco and a roulette wheel would go pretty hard right now… instead I have a 96kbs sizzling high hat spraying me out, a little grape juice in a sippy cup, and some brass change.

    a Dixie in the hand is worth infinitely more than two in a bush.

  2. dylan, i meant to tell you. no joke, val kilmer had a meeting with arnold schwarzenegger trying to get a crash course in politics. he wants to scoot in as the governor of new mexico. hahaha, and after 4 strong years he’ll have the experience needed to take over down at the pipe.

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