Metal Machine Music, Pt. 5

I never really lived with my sister when I shared an apartment with her in 2005.  Instead, I spent pretty much every day at Grant, Lea, and Shaheen’s place right next to UTSA.  I ate their food when they weren’t looking and I drank their beer if I could sneak it out.  But, although they might dismiss this claim, I did contribute to their overall well-being.  When I was bored I would write short stories for them (mostly 2-3 pages in length) and those stories all had one similar theme: Lou Reed.  Love stories about breaking up, finding friends in high school, and carousing in New York- all of the stories ended up with Lou Reed as the centerpiece.  Lou never appeared in these stories; his music/persona would be some underlying element that would either unite or disrupt the two central characters.  I never saved any of these on my computer (god dammit!) and I doubt the physical copies survived the bathroom of Cody Shaheen, but perhaps one day I will reconnect with what was probably my true calling in life.

People who are stupid will tell you that, aside from Transformer, Lou Reed’s solo material isn’t worth noting.  I personally enjoy pretty much everything he’s ever done and I think he hit VU moments at certain points throughout his entire career.  Some albums are completely flawless (Street Hassle, Coney Island Baby) and some require skipping at various points (Legendary Hearts, Magic & Loss) but the fact remains that Lou Reed has never done anything completely dismissible (even Mistrial has “Outside”).

I spent too much time thinking about what song to upload here.  My original inclanation was to post “The Power of Positive Drinking” since it doesn’t get any recognition.  “Like A Possum,” “Temporary Thing,” and “Waves of Fear” also came to mind.  But I settled on “Gimme Some Good Times” from my personal favorite, Street Hassle, because I think it’s a strong album opener and Lou’s opening dialogue is sheer genius.

Lou Reed – Gimme Some Good Times download

  1. genius hogan. and berlin belongs in the RRHF.

  2. wow.

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